Just Saying Hello

This is Ivory Kelly, your average aspiring author. This blog is started today, on 1st of July, as a way for me to keep myself writing, as well as to (hopefully) gain feedback from any lost soul who might wander past this blog, actually read something, and feel like leaving a comment.

Because I’m using this blog as a way to practice writing, the posts could be about anything under the sun, but I’m sure they’ll mostly be limited to books, music and quotes, since those are things I like. And science, since that’s something I’m exposed to on a regular basis. And maybe some day I’ll end up posting chapters from my own original works too.

The schedule for this blog is here.

Some other facts about me: I write fanfiction and posts them on both ao3 and ff.net, I’m hoping to get into a university in either USA, Canada or UK (even though I am proud to be a Singaporean, I just want to spend a few years away), Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton shall forever retain a special place in my heart, and Chinese is my first language. So, if you spot any mistakes, please feel free to let me know!

Oh, and one more thing, please look for me as ivory-kelly-1969 on tumblr if you want to talk! I’m getting myself a twitter soon, but I’m not promising anything yet.


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