Sorry for disappearing for the long while – I’m doing NaNoWriMo and I’ve kind of been slapped over the head by that. Updates will hence be erratic until the end of November, after NaNoWriMo.

On another note, the story’s a struggle right now – it’s hard to grasp the character voice and the side characters insist on appearing before their screen times, causing me to have to scramble. Ah well, I’ll update soon!


Our Times

A while back, I watched the Chinese movie Our Times.

It was the second movie I’ve watched to make me cry that I can remember. The first was, of course, Hachiko, but this movie was about a relationship and not a dog, so it was surprising.

When my friend told me to watch the movie, I listened to her very rough introduction of the movie and I suspected it to be an extremely cliched movie, with ridiculous plot lines I can guess.

And it was true. The plot was cheesy, romantic, and extremely easy to predict.

It’s simple, about the normal girl you would never look at twice in the corridor, the average girl who’s crushing on the best boy in school, the star player on the basketball team who is first in the level every year, and writing love letters to her idol. Then, of course, it all starts with a chain letter delivered to her. Because of the letter, she became the ‘friend’ of the boy who’s the last place of the last class in the level, eventually becoming real friends with him and actually falling in love with him, all while helping him chase the most popular girl in school and getting his grades up by studying with him.

The thing was, though, that the filming was extremely well done, and even though everything was cliche, it was well employed and slotted in nicely with each other. The natural course of romance was easy to follow, too.

In the end, it was still a reasonably happy ending, even if it happened twenty years after the end of their high school, when the bad boy left.

I’m not spoiling most of it here, because it is a movie I think you should go into without knowing everything, because it’s really worth it.