Kyo Kara Maoh!

Recently, a friend introduced me to this manga series, Kyo Kara Maoh.

It was about a boy who was flushed down a toilet into another world, where he was their king. There’s a lot more here, but I would refrain from continuing.

It was originally a light novel, it would appear, and I would like to read that. Unfortunately, Japanese was not my third language, and the english translations for that was splotchy. I can understand what’s going on, but it does not catch my eyes. With the exception of some chapters, translated by different users online, they are generally quite hard to read. I’m still really glad there are some chapters online that I could read, though – at least this way, I could read a few chapters beyond the manga already translated.

Honestly, my main frustration was only with finding an english translation which is complete (that I have given up on, as everything was only three quarter finished) that is not the anime. There’s nothing much against the anime, except for the fact that I find the voice of the characters kind of shrill, and the art is not as brilliant as that of the manga, and the occasional illustration in the novel.

My favourite scene would forever and always be when Yuuri (the boy who was flushed down the toilet) slap Wolfram (bratty third prince of the previous Maoh). Go read it, you’d understand why it’s funny then.


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