250 Word Character #1

Okay, this was extremely hard to write within the 250 word limit, but it was just nice. It’s hopefully able to cover her most basic characteristics! Let me know what you think about her!

When she was thirteen, she sat next to nothing on the edge of the roof. She can’t deny that something tore at her heart, but she was fine with it.

She truly was.

She had long since accepted that happy endings don’t happen to people like her.

He ignored her, continuing to cram fish fingers into his mouth after dipping it into a concoction of ketchup, peanut butter and jam. When he was done, he gave her that lopsided smirk.

“You can eat anything if you try hard enough, dear.”

That was the last time he smiled at her.

When she was nine, she received a kill order. The target had a very familiar face and an extremely unfamiliar name.

“You lied,” she had accused, because what else could she have said?

“You returned the favour,” he had retaliated.

So started a partnership turned into kinship.

When she was six, they were both starving and scared, alone in this world together until the deaths of the people who took them both in tore them apart once more.

The first time she met him, she was five. That night, her brother burnt alive with his sister.

When she was three, her father bled out in the living room.

Her first memory: a distant impression of a vague figure who was so very warm, surrounded by swaths and swaths of red.

When she drew in her first breath, her mother let out her last.

That unforgiving winter solstice, Anika Grace was born.

(250 Words)

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