Moments Ago

The voices wouldn’t shut up, won’t leave him alone, can’t seem to agree on anything – their presence only served to ramp up his unease, reminding him that there was something just so wrong wrong wrong about this place, why had he even entered this maze?

Not now, a voice whispered – he’s already here and she was here, and…There!

The door – his exit… He sped up, reaching, scrabbling for the knob…He looking down in horror. But it was there just a moment ago! Even as he searched, the shadows crowded in.

For the first time, the voices remained silence.

(100 Words)

Prompt: …but it was there just a moment ago…


3 thoughts on “Moments Ago

  1. Wow, this is great horror writing Ivory! It reminded me of the maze in Harry Potter when Cedric gets killed. I often suggest we go in but do feel worried if we can’t get out fairly quickly. Thank you for joining the challenge!

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