Happy SG50, Singapore!

I was born in Singapore.

I can distinctly recall being extremely young and playing on an open field with my brother, before sitting down on the grass, earning a cry of dismay from my grandmother, the one who washes my white dress for me.

Now, of course, that field is gone, as is the field I used to fly kites in, for the sake of development. It’s all been replaced with high-rise buildings and more high-rise buildings, no longer the free and open space that you could run around in.

I would imagine that the change throughout Singapore in the fifty years would be much more tremendous than the simple changes I’ve been seeing throughout my life as I move from house to house.

Singapore has come very far from the little British colony we used to be, and for that, I’m truly proud. After all, not many countries as small as ours could simply step out and stand up and survive, for fifty years, on our own – an island nation whose only resource was its manpower. An island nation populated by the migrant workers who once drifted across the oceans in search of a place they could work in order to send money home.

My parents came here seeking jobs, too, and they stayed because this was a safe place with a great education system. Even if now I’m a little worried for the education system, I have faith that sometime later (not too late), the ministry of education would hopefully see the error in what they are currently doing and go back to the system that has been put in place by our first minister of education.

Leaving that topic, I’m here to wish Singapore a happy SG50, and I hope to see an SG100 in the future, when I’m an old and cranky lady surrounded by cats and books.

Happy Birthday Singapore!


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