The queue wound around the block. I glanced back, glad to have avoided the rush hour.┬áThe thing was, I wasn’t not entirely sure why this vendor was so popular. Sure, even the stingiest critics gave this stall an extremely high ranting, however, I can’t see what’s so special. It’s just hot dogs. John insisted, though.

As I walked away, I took a bite.

That… was unexpected. I paused, lifting it up, studying it carefully. It strongly resembled a normal hot dog. I sniffed it. It smelt… normal? There wasn’t any chili or pickles.

But it made my tongue tingle.

(100 Words)

Prompt: “…but it made my tongue tingle…”


6 thoughts on “Tingle

    • I’m sure that at some point of time, someone else must have found out. Or had known. The vendor shall remain the sole keeper of that secret, though. After all, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…

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