Chasing the light at the end of a tunnel created by the oppressive foliage, pressing deeper into the belly of this forest in search of somewhere to turn around at? Neither appealing nor a choice, since there’s no one, no signal – no way to find out where he was. Edgy, he daren’t leave the car, not even when the next turn revealed gates padlocked with chains.

Beyond, a stone driveway led up to a looming castle guarded by three.

His eyes widened.

He knew this place.

A lifetime ago, he’s been here, lost, in a world going down in flames.

(100 Words)

Prompt: Lost


8 thoughts on “Lost

  1. You should take this further. It is really engaging, especially when you say this,” a looming castle guarded by three.” I really want to know who those three are. Are they human?


    • Oh, that’s for you to find out later, I believe, this Sunday (or Saturday, since I might change the schedule to better follow the prompts), since I’m going to try to take this further in installments of 100 words (or more) a week based on whatever prompt comes next. Follow to see!


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