To the moon and back,

Remember when we first met on the playground? How you helped me to build the sandcastle again, after seeing it collapsing as I tried to make it taller? How you helped to push me higher and higher on the swing while I just held on tight so I wouldn’t fall off? Remember your promise to always be there?

Remember when we were in kindergarten, when you were the only one patient enough to sit down and listen to what I had to say? When you were the only kid who wouldn’t knock my brick tower over, or take my book and laugh at my choice of reading materials? When you gave me a chance to prove that I could do something when everyone else simply dismissed me? Remember you telling me that you wouldn’t leave me behind for not being one of you?

Where did all those times go?

Remember how, when you walked ahead I used to trail behind you like a loyal little puppy? The person who remained by your side through the ups and downs, ready to walk to the end with you? The person who helped you stay upright and pulled you along as you tried to learn to skate? The person who taught you to draw the way you taught me to read? The person who kept you afloat when you tried to swim? Remember me telling you that I would always be your friend?

Remember the things that used to be ours? The time when you ran away from your parents and stayed at my place for one night? The time when you couldn’t keep up in school because you couldn’t catch on to what the teacher was saying, failed your test for the first time and being forced to stay behind for remedial, how I would wait that two hours for you so we could go home together? Remember the pact we made, that we would go to the moon and back together?

What changed?

Why did you choose to go? Was it something I did? Tell me, I would make up for it, just let me know! When did you decide that you would discard these years of friendship? Was it an impulse, or had it been festering for a long while?

How could you just leave like this?

Who will be there for you to turn to, to lean on when you need someone? Who will laugh with you and cry with you? Who would be your faithful shadow from now on?

Where will you go, then, if the places we planned to go together and the dreams we have had are all gone, tucked neatly away in a folder to be put away, if not discarded?

We could have achieved so much together. We could have shared a lifetime, if not eternity, growing old together with a house full of strong, independent cats. We could have been sixty or seventy and trading stories of the childhood once upon a time, sharing the joy with our partners and each other. We could have watched our children grow up, have their own soulmates, their own lives.

We could have had each other’s back through the dark and the cold. We could have walked the world together, seen the darkest and dustiest corners that only few would dare visit. We could have done the impossible together. We could have gone to the moon and back, like you once promised me we would.

Before you left.

To the moon and back,


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