17th Planet

Alright, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked to spend her time dreaming up of worlds within worlds, in a place where multiverses and omniverses were real. It was a place where every single book she read, as well as the occasional tv series she saw, was actually reality, and, somehow, they all made sense, put in the same world, even if they were entirely different things. The characters, too, became people who could live out two or three different lives, with different identities, somehow managing to play out their roles in all the stories through a mix of stretching the truth, giving them a few ‘extras’, aligning the timelines, simple imagination, and the rationality of a child who’s been building this world since she was three and could comprehend what her mother was saying.

There was this one nameless galaxy, a unique place put aside for the most active part of her imagination, the place where good and evil will forever be battling it out. In this galaxy, the sun is the centre, and there was seven ‘good’ planets in the end, starting with the red planet given to the only boy who was patient enough to try to talk to her in her first year in primary school and ending with the violet planet she gave herself, six years later, when she decided that she would try to like herself, too, and be her own friend. On the exact opposite of the sun, aligned in another line, were eight planets, given to the people who hurt her.

As the creator of the world, she bestowed the sun with the title of a ‘planet’, thus, the nameless galaxy now has sixteen planets, instead of fifteen. But then a thought occured to her. What would happen to her favourite characters, from all her favourite books, then? They all deserved a place in this galaxy and they should not be simply assigned randomly to any of the planets, because they were all special. So, to make life easier for herself, she decided to create a new planet, just for them.

However, she did not know how to name the planet. The first sixteen planets were easy, they were named for the person they belonged to, but this planet belongs to everyone who was special enough to make it into this little space in her world, so she could not be biased.

Eventually, after much deliberating, she decided that she would simply call it the 17th Planet.

Then, one day, after she had grown up and mostly forgot about this world she had abandoned for her friends, she dug up a piece of paper with the detailed plans for the nameless galaxy – more specifically, the planet that belonged to everyone.

This blog, 17th Planet, is thus dedicated to my childhood, the worlds I am trying my best to salvage, and my family, for helping my build this world by never trying to tear it down.


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